Food Safety information, resources and best practices

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Frank Yiannas, FDA Deputy Commissioner for Food Policy and Response, on COVID-19 NOT being transmissable through food. (video)

FDA Retail Food Protection. (link)

CLICK HERE - FDA Retail Food Protection

FDA's Food Safety and the Coronavirus Disease 2019. (link)

CLICK HERE - Updates are dated so you are able to tell what information has been added each time.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Resources. (links)

- CDC.gov - multiple resources to CDC Coronavirus Disease 2019 - Coronavirus Disease 2019 Situation Summary - Date: March 21, 2020 - CDC's Interim Guidance for Business and Employers - Updated continuously - Cleaning and Disinfection for Community Facilities - EPA-approved COVID-19 cleaners and disinfectants

What you should know about COVID-19 and the ADA. (link)

CLICK HERE - U.S. EEOC guidance on the ADA

NEHA Resources. (link)

CLICK HERE - a compilation of resources

State Resources on COVID-19. (links)

ALASKA Alaska Dept of Environmental Conservation - COVID-19 Updates - Preventing The Spread of COVID-19: Guidance for Food Establishments CALIFORNIA California Dept of Public Health - Guidance Documents: Coronavirus Disease 2019 COLORADO Colorado Dept of Public Health and Environment - Information on the Outbreak of COVID-19 MONTANA Montana Dept of Public Health and Human Services - Coronavirus Disease 2019 - Tribal Resources COVID-19 NORTH CAROLINA North Carolina State University Extension - COVID-19 Food Safety Resources NEW MEXICO New Mexico Environment Department - COVID-19 Information OREGON Multnomah County - COVID-19 Guidance for Restaurants and Food Service UTAH Utah Department of Health - Coronavirus Disease 2019 WASHINGTON (State) Washington Dept of Health - Food Worker and Establishment Guidance on COVID-19 King County - Guidance for grocery stores to minimize the spread of COVID-19 Washington State Dept of Agriculture - Novel Coronavirus Disease Information WYOMING Wyoming Dept of Health - Coronavirus Disease 2019 - COVID-19 Information - Statewide Public Order #3 - Statewide Public Order #2 - Statewide Public Order #1

Social Distancing explained with mouse traps and ping pong balls. Stay home and stay safe. (video)

The experiment (video) does an incredible job illustrating how social distancing works. A little space makes us all safer. Stay home and stay safe.

Workplace and Employee Heatth Suggested Practices (video)